• Smart Vehicle Management
  • Telematics Simplified
  • Reduce Insurance Rates
  • Get more from your car

What is dashroad

dashroad dongle

The dashroad blackbox is...

  • The world’s most advanced vehicle tracking dongle.
    It fits most cars manufactured since 1996 and is available in the UAE and other countries from Saudi Arabia to USA.

Tech Specs

How Does It Work?

Install app / Plug-in dongle / Drive

Sign Up

Sign up at here and get your hardware in a matter of days

Install the device

Installation takes less than 60 seconds for most cars and you can do it yourself or have our partners help install it.

Start driving

We capture driving data and compile it to give you a score which can be used by many stakeholders.

Save Money

Saving money by just driving is possible now with our insurance partners. Sign up with us and see how you can save money now.

Simple. Smart.

Track drivers and vehicles (where applicable) in your fleet with our simple, self-installed blackbox.

Plug and Play

No wiring needed, just plug and drive.

  • The dashroad blackbox plugs into the OBD port
  • The same port used by mechanics around the world
  • Fits any car built after 1996
  • Sim enabled and ready to go

North Preview

Aggregate Stats of dashroad drivers

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Average speed [km]

Hours Driven per day

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