• Smart Vehicle Management
  • Telematics Simplified
  • Fleet management for SMEs around the globe

What is dashroad

dashroad dongle

The dashroad is a fleet managment solution that includes

  • A global vehicle tracking dongle along with a new fleet management solution that is designed for mobility companies.

    Whether you own 1 car or 100, dashroad is an affordable solution that costs less than it takes to fill up a gas tank.

Mobile App + More

  • We have built mobility solutions through dashroad's OBD and mobile app. Use the best solution that fits yours needs, or contact us if you want a customized solution.

Tech Specs
dashroad dongle

How Does It Work?

Install app / Plug-in dongle / Drive

Order your dashroad blackbox

Order your hardware here via Amazon.

Install the dashroad blackbox

Installation takes less than 60 seconds for the OBD blackbox and it can take 15-30 minutes to install the hardwired blackbox.

Start driving

You can see your vehicle's driving history, behavior, and even the ROI for the vehicle on dashroad.

Save Money

As we add more features you will get insight on how your fleet can save money.

Mobility Companies Use Dashroad

Whether it is to monitor their drivers' behavior, or to track fuel usage, the new mobility movement is where we are focused

Plug It around the world

No wiring needed, just plug and drive.

  • Ideal for rental car companies
  • Car sharing / ridesharing companies
  • Startups in emerging and frontier markets
  • Traditional fleet management where companies are looking for immediate ROI


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