Month: May 2015

This Week in Connected Cars: May 22

More M&A in the Connected Car Space   Conti buys Eletrobit’s auto unit. Conti’s purchase of this unit will give it access to hardware + software to enable automated driving. The shocking news it the purchase price of $680m represents a 27x EBITDA multiple. The business unit has had sales of ~ $200m with a $24m in EBIDTA which is… Read more →

Shared Economy

This Week in Connected Cars April 30

UBS Shows Uber is outpacing Zipcar 95:1 As Uber reaches a $50B market valuation it is still growing very fast. According to UBS iPhone downloads of Uber (cars on demand) vs. BlaBlaCar (carsharing) vs. ZipCar (on demand rental), Uber is outstripping Zipcar downloads 95x year-over-year. The friction of Zipcar is quite a bit more than that of Uber, where Zipcar… Read more →