CarSharing by the Season

What if you could have a car for the season or making it event based?  Audi is piloting a seasonal car sharing program for its customers.


Audi Unite

The Audi Unite program in Stockholm gives customers a type of lease option where tehy can choose vehicles by season via a smartphone app. Three or four customers become a carsharing unit and via the app schedule when and who gets each vehicle (convertible, SUV, sedan, etc can be swapped).

The interesting aspect of Audi Unite is that the monthly lease payment changes per the schedule each month.

Audi Select CarSharing

In Berlin Audi is trying a typical carsharing program where multiple customers share one Audi vehicle. This is more similar to Zipcar or BMW’s DriveNow where users use a car as needed.

Millenials + High Income Users

Audi’s program is targeting not just Millenials, but also high income users.  In Europe, it is more common for people to use public transport and Audi’s Select program fits into this category.  For individuals who can afford a car but will use it sporadically, they can team up with other like minded folks to carshare an Audi.

“We will not fill up the mass market like Car2Go. We’re looking for something a little more premium with a little bit more intelligence.”

-Rupert Stadler, Audi AG CEO

Audi will be adding two U.S. cities to their pilot programs in the coming months, so keep an eye out in the coming months for the Audi Select and Audi Unite programs.