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Can Connected Cars Predict Accidents?

We have been working on this topic for quite some time and have made some initial progress on predictive analysis. Without going too deep into the weeds we wanted to showcase data from a few cities where we noticed some interesting driving behaviors. Driving Patterns – Harsh Acceleration & Harsh Braking At dashroad we measure driver behavior to help give… Read more →

Transportation Challenges for the UAE

With congestion not abating and more cars coming on the road annually drivers in the UAE will be sitting in cars more than ever in the future. The government is proactively looking for alternatives to reduce congestion from autonomous cars to ride-sharing and beyond. The infographic below highlights some of the challenges and solutions for mobility in the UAE.  … Read more →

This Week in Connected Cars: May 22

More M&A in the Connected Car Space   Conti buys Eletrobit’s auto unit. Conti’s purchase of this unit will give it access to hardware + software to enable automated driving. The shocking news it the purchase price of $680m represents a 27x EBITDA multiple. The business unit has had sales of ~ $200m with a $24m in EBIDTA which is… Read more →

Shared Economy

This Week in Connected Cars April 30

UBS Shows Uber is outpacing Zipcar 95:1 As Uber reaches a $50B market valuation it is still growing very fast. According to UBS iPhone downloads of Uber (cars on demand) vs. BlaBlaCar (carsharing) vs. ZipCar (on demand rental), Uber is outstripping Zipcar downloads 95x year-over-year. The friction of Zipcar is quite a bit more than that of Uber, where Zipcar… Read more →

Connected Car News Week of April 24

Google’s Ray Kurzweil stated that self-driving cars are a foregone conclusion and will be coming in the future. Fatalities and injuries will be the driving factor on bringing the shift over for self-driving cars.  Companies like Uber will be the winner in future automotive space. Note: Google is an investor in Uber.   BMW Self Parking Coming BMW said its… Read more →

This Week in Connected Cars April 10

 Annual Car Sales The latest results shows that the US is on track for more than 17.1 million cars sold in 2015, towards the high end, meanwhile Russia (-45%) is seeing a strong slowdown due to the sanctions. Ford is seeing this as an opportunity and has purchased a majority stake in their joint venture there. Manheim held its Used… Read more →

Tech News from the OEMs Week of Aug 1 2015

Toyota’s Connected Car Technology for 2017 Toyota announced it will offer semi-autonomous packages for consumers in 2017 in the $300- $635 range. Currently these packages go for more than $2,000 per vehicle. The tech package includes: Pre-collision systems Lane Departure Alert Automatic High-beam Active Cruise Control What is not mentioned is Blind Spot Monitoring which could be included as well as it… Read more →

CarSharing by the Season

What if you could have a car for the season or making it event based?  Audi is piloting a seasonal car sharing program for its customers.   Audi Unite The Audi Unite program in Stockholm gives customers a type of lease option where tehy can choose vehicles by season via a smartphone app. Three or four customers become a carsharing unit… Read more →

Is This the Connected Car Steering Wheel?

  When it comes to human machine interface (HMI) and user experience (UX), automakers have to consider many features that don’t distract from driving and give the driver the things they need within an arm’s length. This steering wheel design by Jean-Thomas Mayer shows a concept that is gaining interest.  From a design point of view, it is evolutionary in steering wheel… Read more →