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Can Connected Cars Predict Accidents?

We have been working on this topic for quite some time and have made some initial progress on predictive analysis. Without going too deep into the weeds we wanted to showcase data from a few cities where we noticed some interesting driving behaviors. Driving Patterns – Harsh Acceleration & Harsh Braking At dashroad we measure driver behavior to help give… Read more →

DecodeDubai + dashroad

We participated in the Decode Dubai hackathon this past weekend and we leveraged the Twilio API to make a connected car call family in case of an accident in Dubai. We started by making an app but quickly realized we did not need to have an app. Our solution is independent of anyone’s input. When you buy our dashroad dongle… Read more →

Dubai Traffic Stats from 2013

From the Dubai Police you can get accident stats¬†from 2009 to 2013. We look at the latest dataset available and it gave some interesting insight. Most Deadly Hour Around 9pm the number of deaths almost reaches 9% of the total deaths from accidents. One would expect that deadly driving occurs later but when we dig into the data¬†to see what… Read more →