Chrysler 200 Leads Rental Car Fleet Size

As Chrysler’s inventory climbs over 100 days, they are moving more vehicles into the car rental industry. ¬†Both the Chrysler 200 and the Chrysler Town & Country have moved up in Q3 and now are the #1 and #2 vehicles sold to rental fleets in Q3.


Overall, GM still has the #1 spot in the rental sales with Chrysler at #2 and Hyundai at #3.  Interestingly enough, government sales are declining for Chrysler as Ford has increased its position by 350 bps in Q3.

Some of the connected car features that the Chrysler 200 is coming with in 2015 include UConnect which has many connectivity such as a Wi-Fi hotspot (at added costs) as well as some unique connected car features:


  • Active Cruise Control
  • Semi automated parallel parking
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind Spot Monitoring


As connected cars enter into the rental fleet (if rental companies purchase the options) consumers will be more inclined to purchase these features in their new vehicles as well as off-the-shelf products that are coming out daily.