Connected Car News Week of April 24

Google’s Ray Kurzweil

stated that self-driving cars are a foregone conclusion and will be coming in the future. Fatalities and injuries will be the driving factor on bringing the shift over for self-driving cars.  Companies like Uber will be the winner in future automotive space. Note: Google is an investor in Uber.


BMW Self Parking Coming

BMW said its newest 7-series will be able to park itself without a driver,in a garage or parking lot. Lexus came out in 2006 with a self parking feature but the driver had to be present. In the BMW 7-series, anyone with the key fob will be able to park the car.

Nokia Looking to Sell Here?

According to Bloomberg, Nokia has reached out to BMW, Audi, and Daimler about buying its map business. We at [-] Dashroad use Here due to its rich features for the emerging markets like in the Middle East.


Next Week

SaaR numbers coming out next week, look for 17m+ sales in the US.