DecodeDubai + dashroad

We participated in the Decode Dubai hackathon this past weekend and we leveraged the Twilio API to make a connected car call family in case of an accident in Dubai.

We started by making an app but quickly realized we did not need to have an app. Our solution is independent of anyone’s input. When you buy our dashroad dongle and sign up you will have the choice to add ‘Emergency Car Dialer’ as an option.


What is Emergency Car Dialer?

Emergency Car Dialer (it’s a hackathon name, if you have a better name, please share), is a tool that given an accident type event will call people you want directly without any need for you to push a button. For example, you decelerate quickly on Emirates Road from 120kph to 30 kph in 2 seconds (could happen) but then you go to 0kph and have 0 acceleration for 5 seconds or more, then that would indicate an accident type of event.


In addition we have an accelerometer in our device so we can measure any lateral forces that are unusual and use that to add another layer for accident detection.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.13.41 AM


The tools used for this hack included:

  • Twilio API
  • dashroad API
  • dashroad dongle
  • Azure cloud hosting services
  • Angular JS


Hackathon Update

The accident detector will soon be up and running in beta for actual cars, but the demo in the event was working. We did have one small bug when Internet in the actual pitch was not working and when we sent a Twilio SMS out it did not reach the recipient (one of the judges) until after we went back to the room with wifi.


This product won first place for the Urban Mobility challenge and we will be refining it over the summer to bring it to market in Dubai by Fall 2015.