Is This the Connected Car Steering Wheel?


When it comes to human machine interface (HMI) and user experience (UX), automakers have to consider many features that don’t distract from driving and give the driver the things they need within an arm’s length.

This steering wheel design by Jean-Thomas Mayer shows a concept that is gaining interest.  From a design point of view, it is evolutionary in steering wheel design, packaging of other components needed in vehicles (airbags) is another issue.

What is interesting is that the steering wheel features are configurable

for the driver.

As consumers want to be plugged in at all times, it will be interesting to see how social media integration will happen in future vehicles.

Connected Cars and UI

The UI of the steering wheel is not addressed when it comes to connected cars today. Most of the focus has been on the dashboard similar to that of the Tesla Model S.  As startups focus on one or two feature sets of the automobile, there are many many other opportunities out there still.