Dubai Traffic Stats from 2013

From the Dubai Police you can get accident stats from 2009 to 2013. We look at the latest dataset available and it gave some interesting insight. Most Deadly Hour Around 9pm the number of deaths almost reaches 9% of the total deaths from accidents. One would expect that deadly driving occurs later but when we dig into the data to see what… Read more →

Chrysler 200 Leads Rental Car Fleet Size

As Chrysler’s inventory climbs over 100 days, they are moving more vehicles into the car rental industry.  Both the Chrysler 200 and the Chrysler Town & Country have moved up in Q3 and now are the #1 and #2 vehicles sold to rental fleets in Q3. Overall, GM still has the #1 spot in the rental sales with Chrysler at… Read more →

CarSharing by the Season

What if you could have a car for the season or making it event based?  Audi is piloting a seasonal car sharing program for its customers.   Audi Unite The Audi Unite program in Stockholm gives customers a type of lease option where tehy can choose vehicles by season via a smartphone app. Three or four customers become a carsharing unit… Read more →

Is This the Connected Car Steering Wheel?

  When it comes to human machine interface (HMI) and user experience (UX), automakers have to consider many features that don’t distract from driving and give the driver the things they need within an arm’s length. This steering wheel design by Jean-Thomas Mayer shows a concept that is gaining interest.  From a design point of view, it is evolutionary in steering wheel… Read more →