This Week in Connected Cars April 30

UBS Shows Uber is outpacing Zipcar 95:1

As Uber reaches a $50B market valuation it is still growing very fast. According to UBS iPhone downloads of Uber (cars on demand) vs. BlaBlaCar (carsharing) vs. ZipCar (on demand rental), Uber is outstripping Zipcar downloads 95x year-over-year.

The friction of Zipcar is quite a bit more than that of Uber, where Zipcar sends you an RFID reader in the mail vs. Uber where you download and in a few minutes have a car picking you up.

Shared Economy

Uber vs. Zipcar

At dashroad, we’re working on technology that will (hopefully) bring the Zipcars of the world to be more like Uber. With connected car technologies coming from OEMs this may be possible in the near future.


M&A in Connected Cars

DGE Bought by FEV

Automotive Megatrends had an interview with Dean Tomazic, from FEV about future trends in the automotive space. For those who don’t know FEV is Tier 1 supplier to car manufacturers and they work in the powertrain area. What is interesting is that in the interview, Tomazic mentions that they purchased a V2X company recently, DGE. DGE works in the V2X space.


Redbend OTA startup bought by Harman

Redbend known for its over-the-air (OTA) features for connected cars was acquired by Harman. Harman has been aggressively positioning itself as THE connected car supplier.  Look for more activity from Harman in selling their entertainment solutions to OEMs with OTA upgrades.


Global Sourcing vs. Localization

Another topic discussed in Automotive News’ Megatrends magazine was global vs. local sourcing.  When it comes to connected car content, localization content will be critical. Driving in Dubai on Google maps is not the same as using Google Maps in Mountain View.

We see opportunities for local content and software companies that can develop apps and tools for OEMs in their ecosystem.  Which ecosystem each OEM uses is a topic for another day.


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